Our gorgeous, ruined love seat.

Our gorgeous, ruined love seat.

The CA-NY move marked the first time I hired a professional moving company.  I don’t count Kline Movers, the Chinatown moving company that transported me from the Upper East Side to Harlem, and then from Harlem to Brooklyn, for $400 a pop.  In retrospect, I should have hired them to move us cross country.  They always did an excellent job.

Our move from Fort Greene to Long Beach consisted of ten boxes, which were mailed to my friend in North Hollywood, and a car loaded down so heavily that it never quite recovered from the cross-country trip.  We sold that car to pay for the move back East.  The boxes had tripled, but we only had a bed, a love seat, a coffee table, and a changing table in terms of real furniture.  So we hired CA-NY Express.

The price was right.  The sales person, Eric, was kind enough.  The movers who arrived at my house November 18th were competent.  Our move turned out to cost several hundred dollars more than was originally quoted, of course, because our stuff took up more square footage than they had estimated.  We didn’t find this out until the truck was loaded, naturally.  If only I had made them unpack the truck!  I wish I had done that!  Especially given that they were going to destroy a vintage love seat anyway.   I may as well have saved the money and put it on the curb.  But we wouldn’t know that till later.

“The bed’s different,” my husband told me on the phone from the East Coast.  Our furniture had been delivered, but I was in the Midwest with family.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“It just feels different,” he said.  “Not as comfortable.”

“Well, it probably got shaken around in the move,” I suggested.

“But it doesn’t fit the frame,” he said.  “I think it’s a different mattress.”

“I don’t see how it could be a different mattress.”  And I didn’t.  The mattress had been boxed and put on the truck with a bar code that matched our order.  How they could mess this up, I couldn’t begin to fathom.  But when I got home, he was right.  It didn’t feel the same.

“Maybe it’s just the other side of it,” I suggested.  But that didn’t explain the extra three inches at the foot and headboard where it used to be flush.

My mother took one look at it and knew it was off.  “What happened to your bed?” she said as she walked into our Brooklyn bedroom.

Unfortunately, we had been given this mattress by a friend.  We have no receipt stating what type of mattress it is, and we can’t even be sure of the brand.  Our friend wasn’t much help.  “It’s from Ikea?” she guessed when we asked her.

“They’ve given us a Sealy!”

“Um… it could have been a Sealy.”

All we know is it’s not right.  But lacking conclusive proof, there’s not much we can do.  CA-NY Express insists they delivered the right mattress.

The love seat, however, is a different story.  After filling out a claim form requiring photographic proof that our love seat was broken, we received a paltry insurance settlement of $168.  We had only purchased basic coverage, so that was the extent of our entitlement.  However, the frame is not merely chipped, as the pictures suggest.  The entire thing has been compromised.  The CA-NY Express movers packed it very well, so I don’t think it got bumped around.  The damage is too severe. My husband and I believe that they dropped it when they were transferring our furniture to a different truck, which is also where they switched our mattress with someone else’s.  So we’re stuck.

I would like an additional $200 to pay for the love seat’s repair.  I would like a king-sized Ikea mattress restored to me– either a new one or our original.  Someone, somewhere, is complaining that their mattress is over-sized and doesn’t seem to lay properly.  They’re probably just as confused as I am, and their complaints have probably been met with the same attitude: that the movers couldn’t possibly have gotten it wrong!

In the meantime, I would heartily recommend CA-NY Express if you like your stuff arriving in broken pieces.  If you’d like your mattress replaced with a strangers, go ahead and use them.  And if you don’t particularly care for your complaints being heard by management, CA-NY Express is your company.

But whatever you do, spring for extra insurance.