Date: 4/22

Audition: EPA for Nt’l Tour of upcoming Disney mega-musical 101 Dalmatians

Outfit:  Black pencil skirt, black 3/4 sleeve top over beige lace underlay.  Paired with nude fishnets and my unlucky shoes.  (Seriously, I’ve never gotten so much as a callback wearing these shoes.  In music theatre, you audition the shoes.)

Song: ??

I get to Ripley Grier studios at 9 AM, right when sign up begins.  I manage to book my lucky time, 10:30 , so despite the shoes, things are looking up.  Ten thirty is lucky because the casting director has at that point seen enough people that he or she is primed for someone to be good, as opposed to 12:00, when all he can think about is lunch, or 3:00, when he’s wishing everyone would go away, or 5:00 when he’s seriously contemplating a martini, and so forth.  My theory is tested and true.

Dave Clemmons is casting this, and fortunately Dave himself is not in the room.   He saw me at Carnegie Mellon years ago, told all the teachers how I was the next Patti Lupone, then refused to cast me at every opportunity.  Oh, except for the Cats tour, which he personally did not cast, but Rachel Hoffman cast.  She now works at Telsey.  But it doesn’t matter because I didn’t take it anyway, opting for the Gateway Playhouse and my Equity card.  But I digress.

I am unsure of my song choice going into the room, so I decide to give Joy, the casting director, some options.  “Since it’s a new musical, I’m unsure of what to sing,” I say to her, emphasizing the liquid u in ‘new’ (pronouncing it n-yew), therefore drawing attention to my training.  We decide on “You Can Always Count on Me” from City of Angels.  The piano player begins the song, disregarding the tempo I gave him, plunking it out like a geriatric matron returning home from a long night of Bingo.  I try to work it anyway, and at the end she says, “Thanks, Molly.  Good song choice.”  I can’t tell if she’s just being nice.  But it is nice that she’s nice, regardless.

As I head to the train, I pass a street promo where a loud black man is yelling, “Got a cat?  We love your cat!  Get your free cat food!  It’s Earth Day!  Free cat food here!”  So I pick up two cans for Pants as well as a ‘Buy Six, Get One Free,’ coupon.  (Um… great deal.  Thanks.)  I hear somebody go, “Hey, that guy’s eating his.”  The loud man shrugs.  “We tell ’em it’s cat food,” he sighs.  “Some people are just hungry.”

Another day pounding the pavement in New York…